Virtual Events - How it Works

What is the difference between ‘live event’ and ‘on-demand’?
'Live event’ means you are watching the performance live online, as it happens. This means you may not be able to pause the video during the performance without missing some of the content. But don’t worry, once the live stream is over, you’ll be given access to the recorded performance so you can catch up on anything you missed. 
'On-demand’ means the event is pre-recorded and you can view it anytime within the dates it is available online.

I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

  • Go to the My Account page.
  • Click on 'forgot password, reset here'.
  • Type in the email address associated with your account and click 'email password link to me'. (Note: only one email address can be associated with a customer's account.)
  • Once you receive the email, click on the link provided. This link will expire in 12 hours. It will open a page for you to create a new password for your account. (Tip: Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters and include at least one capital letter, one lowercase and one number.)
  • To create a new password, you must type it in twice, and click on 'Change Password'. Once this is done, you will be directed to the My Account page with your account information.

How do I set up a new account?
Click Member Login to set up a new account. OR You may select your tickets and during the checkout process you will be prompted to create an account. At the end of checkout, you can add a password.

How do I purchase for a guest outside of my household?
Contact the box office directly if you’d like to purchase for a guest.

I have Venue Credit or a Gift Voucher - How do I apply it to my purchase?
When you reach the Order Summary section of the checkout process you’ll see an option to redeem a gift voucher or apply a Venue Credit balance before entering any payment details.

Gift Voucher
Enter your Gift Voucher Code and click ‘Redeem Voucher’.
Venue Credit
If you have a Venue Credit balance, you will see the full amount under ‘Current Credit Available’.  Check the box that says ‘Use available credit to pay for this order’.

How do I view the online performance?

First, we recommend testing your viewing options at least 30 minutes prior to your performance start time. A Box Office representative will be available to assist up until the performance begins, but please note there may be a delay due to a higher volume of last-minute help requests.

  • Prior to the performance start time you will have received an email from with the subject line ‘Access to 59E59 Online Event’. Your e-ticket will be attached as a PDF.
  • If using a computer: download the attached PDF first then open it from your device and click the link.
  • If using a phone, simply open the attached PDF and click the link.
  • You will arrive at the show page where you will need to login using your 59E59 email and password.  Once logged in, press play and enjoy the show!

I have not received the email with the viewing link. What do I do?

  • Check your spam or junk folders and your promotional tabs (Gmail).
  • Do an ‘all mail’ search using ‘59E59’ and the show title.
  • You can also login to your 59E59 account here and search under the ‘E-Tickets’ tab on your ‘My Account’ page.  
  • Finally, if you aren't able to locate the link, email Box Office

The link I received in the e-ticket is not working when I click it.
Download the PDF to your computer first, then open the downloaded file and click the link. If it still isn't working, please contact Box Office.

Can I watch the performance on my T.V., if so, how?

Yes, you may be able to watch on your television. It does require an understanding of ‘screen casting’ or ‘screen mirroring’ (also known as ‘AirPlay’ on Apple devices).  Setup for this is unique to the device you are using.  Please see the following links for help with your device.  Alternatively, you can use a HDMI cable to connect your computer directly to your TV.  

For Screen Mirroring Instructions, please click on your device from the selection below.

From an Apple device (iPhone, iPad or Mac):

From an Android or Windows compatible device:

I can’t hear any sound!

  • First, check the volume is up (and not muted) on your computer or phone.
  • Next, check the volume is up (and not muted) on the video player - click on the volume icon (usually located in the lower corner of the video screen).
  • If you are screen-mirroring to your TV, check the TV volume is not muted.

How do I make the video full-screen?
In the video player, click the ‘full-screen’ icon: 

The video is lagging, buffering, or out of sync!
Sometimes these issues can be caused by your computer or internet connection. Click here for some helpful troubleshooting options.

Step by Step Video on How to Log In and Purchase Tickets:

How do I purchase tickets online?
Sign in or create a new customer account here. This will take you to the ‘My Account’ page and any existing memberships or subscriptions will be listed under the ‘Memberships’ tab. If you are experiencing issues logging in, please follow the instructions above on how to reset your online password.

  • Click the ‘Shows’ tab at the top of your screen to find the show you’d like to book tickets for. Scroll down to see all available shows then click ‘More info and Tickets’.
  • Once at the show page, click ‘Buy Tickets Now’ and you’ll be taken to the list of available performances.
  • Select your desired performance date/time and press 'Get Tickets'.
  • Input the number of tickets you would like to purchase. Be sure to double check the date and time! Click ‘Continue’.
  • If there are any add-on options/events, you can select them here, or simply press ‘Continue to Cart’ at the bottom.
  • When you reach your cart, scroll down and press ‘Checkout’. Certain discounts may not have been applied yet, don't worry, keep going! 
    • What if I have a promo code? Enter it here. otherwise leave blank. If you are a Member and also have a promo code, the system will automatically apply the greater discount. Discount offers cannot be combined.
    • For virtual tickets you should enter the email address where you’d like to receive the streaming link. Note: you only need to purchase ONE virtual ticket per household. If you are buying guest tickets, enter their email addresses in the same field, separated by a comma. In the field below you can enter your guest’s first and last names. Then click ‘Continue’.
  • If you’d like to donate, select a donation amount then click ‘Continue with my donation’. If not, simply scroll down and click ‘I do not want to donate’.
  • At the Order Summary, double check your date, time, number of tickets or donations, and price. (For virtual events, you can ignore the ‘Ticket Delivery’ information.) 
  • If you have a Gift Voucher or 59E59 VenueCredit, you can apply those now. Then click ‘Continue’.
  • Make sure your billing address is correct and click ‘Continue’.
  • Enter your credit card details. U.S. card holders, please ignore the ‘Start Date’ and ‘Issue Number’ fields, leave them blank. Click ‘Confirm Payment’.
  • You will see the ‘Order Confirmation’ page and a message saying ‘Thank you for your order! We have sent a confirmation email to [your email address]'. If you do not see this message or receive your emailed confirmation, then your transaction may not have been processed. Please contact the box office for assistance.

If any of the steps above do not work or you receive an error page. Please inform the Box Office - include specific details below and we may be able to find an alternative solution.

  • What device are you using (PC, Mac, cell phone, tablet)?
  • What browser are you using (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox)?
  • At what point in the steps above did you get stuck?
  • If you were directed to a different page, can you send us that link?