The Hello Girls, photo by Richard Termine

Curated Programming

Sustaining the cultural impacts of daring and adventurous theater companies.

59E59 Theaters offers a partnership built on mutual respect and a shared goal to make an Off Broadway splash with your production. Let's combine our strengths to make your show thrive!


We are a non-profit presenting organization dedicated to supporting the Off Broadway premieres of non-profit producing theater companies for three week minimum runs.

All Visiting Companies receive our *All-Inclusive Licensing Package to support a minimum of three-week runs of Off Broadway premieres in each of our 3 theater spaces. Our programming is best suited to theater companies that have produced at least two different shows together.

All programming is curated at least a year in advance by reading scripts, watching archival videos, and attending readings, workshops, and regional/international productions. We cannot accept unsolicited submissions from playwrights.  We cannot accommodate weekend or single evening rentals and are dark on Monday evenings.

*The All-Inclusive Licensing Package is comprised of but not limited to; 80 - 85% share net box office receipts paid to company, production advising, FOH team, ticketing/box office services, bartender, press representation, graphic design/show art creation, printing, and mailing of seasonal brochures, show postcards, on-site posters, and e-blasts along with many other day to day marketing and advertising services prior to and during the run of your show, and loans for crew overhire/equipment rental.

Submission Guidelines

We are now accepting submissions from non-profit theater companies looking to produce NYC premieres from 2026 and beyond. Companies with fully funded projects are encouraged to submit scripts, supporting materials, and archival video for consideration. 

Submit Materials Here


Theater Spaces

THEATER A: 189 seats, Proscenium Seating. 6 week runs. 80% box office paid to company.
THEATER B: 98 seats, Proscenium Seating. 3-5 week runs. 80% box office paid to company.
THEATER C: 48 seats (One-sided) or 53 seats (Two-Sided). 3-5 week runs. 85% box office paid to company.

Spaces and Specifications

All-Inclusive Licensing Package

The above weekly fees include a generous licensing package, allowing producers to fully engage in staging their productions, unfettered by the distractions and pressures of promotion, sales, and commerce.

  • 80-85% of net box office paid to producing companies.
  • Professionally trained staff at front of house, in the box office and behind the bar.
  • Each space has a comprehensive inventory of technical equipment. Many productions do not need to rent additional equipment. Click here for floorplans and inventory.
  • Guidance of full time staff: Technical Director, Managing Director, Director of Ticketing Sales & Services, Artistic Director, and Director of Marketing.

Marketing & Press

  • Our marketing team plans and executes all marketing and promotions in support of the show, including graphic design/show creative, advertising & social media campaigns, printing and distribution of all materials including posters, direct mailer postcards, show programs etc. Click here for detailed overview.
  • Our experienced press representative handles media listings, press releases, and the coordination of features, interviews and reviews.
  • Access to our loyal and enthusiastic audience base, including 2,000+ members.


Visiting Company Community Agreement

Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Reporting Process




"What I love most about working at 59E59 are the people. They are loving, they’re friendly, they are always welcoming to questions big or small, and they always show up. We never feel abandoned or left in the facility up to our own devices. They are active participants in the work. They want the work to succeed."
– Sarah Norris, New Light Theater Project

"I think the biggest difference that I perceived working at 59 versus other venues that we’ve worked at is that when we’re here we feel like we’re part of a community, we feel like we’re part of a family, and we feel a sort of personalized support around the work that doesn’t feel like a transaction but actually feels like a collaboration in a beautiful way."
– Ryan Emmons, No.11 Productions

"It is the best place to work. There’s just so much that goes into getting a show to get up and be successful that people sometimes don't think about. And how much extra resources would be required if you are producing elsewhere, 59 really comes to the table as a partner and takes care of all the things that for someone like me who’s a small organization, they make everything possible that would be kind of impossible."
– Leah Abrams, Undiscovered Works

"Back in 2008, as a fledgling producer, I had the upmost pleasure to produce my first ever production at 59E59 in Theatre B as part of the Brits Off Broadway season. It was a play by the then unknown playwright, Mike Bartlett. I’m pleased to say he, and the rest of the team, have managed to forge a career in this crazy business of show and we all treasure the memory of that production. I have the poster and our New York Times Review above my desk."
– Emma Brunjes (Artefacts, Brits Off Broadway 2008)

"You hire the right people, you train them well, and you support them. I think that is really 59E's secret weapon. I mean, I love the stages, the dressing rooms, the booths, your mailing list, etc. But it's you and your people. So thank you for that."
– Mary Davis, MBL Productions (Fern Hill, Smart Blonde)