A Real Boy

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Produced by:
Ivy Theatre Company, in association with Athena Theatre
August 02 - August 27, 2017
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By Stephen Kaplan
Directed by Audrey Alford

With Alexander Bello, Katie Braden, Jamie Geiger, Jason Allan Kennedy George, Brian Michael, Jenn Remke, Kelley Selznick, and Danie Steel

A Real Boy tells the story of two puppets who adopt a human child. When the young boy starts growing strings, his kindergarten teacher takes it upon herself to save him. This satiric play explores life for those on the fringe of society and the tensions that arise when others try to fix their "problems."

Jason Allan
Kennedy George
Photo Caption: Brian Michael, Jason Allan Kennedy George, and Jenn Remke in A REAL BOY
Photo: Heidi Bohnenkamp
Photo Caption: Jenn Remke and Alexander Bello in A REAL BOY
Photo: Heidi Bohnenkamp
Photo Caption: Jamie Geiger and Jenn Remke in A REAL BOY
Photo Caption: Jason Allan Kennedy George and Brian Michael in A REAL BOY
Photo: Heidi Bohnenkamp
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Producing Company

Ivy Theatre Company

Ivy Theatre Company was founded in 2013 by Audrey Alford, Katie Braden, and Gwenevere Sisco and produces work by, for, and about underrepresented voices. Ivy Theatre Company is dedicated to dynamic storytelling that explores the human condition in a visceral way, in order to provoke thought and challenge both the artist and the audience. Their work climbs up, inside, and over the walls that have confined and silenced the voices of the few and the oppressed.

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Athena Theatre

Since 2003, Athena Theatre Company has been dedicated to developing and producing contemporary, off-beat, and irreverent psychological dramas and dark comedies that challenge traditional stereotypes. They strive for theater that entertains, informs, enlightens, questions, and deepens audience awareness of vital modern issues. They endeavor to actively and responsibly invest in new voices for the stage by nurturing writers and promoting original works, especially in regards to gender, politics, race, and religion.

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“Playwright Stephen Kaplan, a gay dad, poses provocative questions confronting perception and prejudice” - NewNowNext

“A unique and thought provoking piece of theater” - Broadway World

A Real Boy delivers an important message for our troubled times, and a reminder that we should all be valued for who we are, not what others want us to be” - DC Metro Theater Arts

“The play deals with the essential ideas of self-acceptance and acceptance of others, and the emotional intensity of the performers is commendable” - Stage Buddy