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LAByrinth Theater Company
February 05 - February 05, 2023
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2 Hours, 40 Minutes
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Welcome to LAByrinth’s 23rd annual Barn Series! The renowned free reading series is a festival of new plays, and a critical and exciting step in LAB’s development of new work.  Many of LAByrinth’s world premieres have come from the Barn, giving audiences a sneak peak into the artistic process, and a chance to see plays before they’re the next hot ticket.

The Spaces in Between
By Paula Pizzi-Black
Directed by John Gould Rubin
Sunday, February 5 at 7:15pm

New York City, December 2008. Jobs are scarce, morale is low but in this traditional Italian American household, you would never know. All the ordinary structures are in place, God, family, country, faith at the helm. Meet the Razzos. A not so ordinary family with a passion for everything that tastes good, feels good, and looks good. If only life weren't so messy. If only curveballs wouldn't cut so deep. If only faith held.

Paula Pizzi Black: One of the many great things about LAByrinth, of which I've been a proud member since 1992, is how we encourage each other to cross over disciplines. Primarily an actress, I started writing urged by fellow LAB member Martha Wollner. This journey started as a 10 minute piece written for Labyrinth's 25th year anniversary. Five years, a residency at HB Studio, and several drafts and readings later (at HB, at our LAB Summer Intensive, at the Playwrights Directors Unit at the Actors Studio and at New Circle Theater Co.) it has evolved into a 2 Part full length play. I'm really grateful for this opportunity to tell the whole story.


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LAByrinth Theater Company

LAByrinth Theater Company, founded in 1992 as The Latino Actors Base, was created to reflect a world where color is the norm and not the exception. From Our Lady of 121st Street to Halfway Bitches go Straight to Heaven, LAByrinth has produced over 50 world premieres and developed over 250 new plays.

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