Beneath the Gavel

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Produced by:
Bated Breath Theatre Company
March 15 - April 09, 2017
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Devised by Bated Breath Theatre Company
Written and Directed by Mara Lieberman

With Gabriel Aprea, Missy Burmeister, Corey Finzel, Sean Hinckle, Moira O'Sullivan, and Debra Walsh

Beneath the Gavel drops the audience into the epicenter of the white-hot art market to explore the rise of branded art in the collision of High Art and High Finance. Based on stories from auction world insiders, this immersive, physical theatre piece gives the audience an unforgettable inside look at the only market - besides the stock market - to show up on the front pages of every major newspaper. (The show includes opportunities for the audience to bid on and take home real works of art. (Not a Rockefeller? Bated Breath Theatre Company will provide the money.) Beneath the Gavel first premiered in March 2016 in partnership with The New Britain Museum of American Art.

Photo Caption: The cast of BENEATH THE GAVEL
Photo: Will Gangi
Photo Caption: Missy Burmeister, Moira O'Sullivan, and Gabriel Aprea in BENEATH THE GAVEL
Photo: Will Gangi
Photo Caption: Corey Finzel and Moira O'Sullivan in BENEATH THE GAVEL
Photo: Will Gangi
Photo Caption: Debra Walsh in BENEATH THE GAVEL
Photo: Will Gangi
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Producing Company

Bated Breath Theatre Company

Bated Breath Theatre Company specializes in original works inspired by and in partnership with museum collections and exhibitions. The Connecticut-based physical theater company devises and produces interactive experiences that combine museum culture with live performance. Through a combination of rigorous research and daring theatricality, Bated Breath is committed to exploring current and past cultural touchstones in a variety of traditional and non-traditional spaces.

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"An enthralling piece of finely tuned, interactive theater" - Broadway World

"An endlessly fascinating milieu" - Zeal NYC

"Innovative and excellent" - Blog Critics

"If you've ever imagined what it might be like to play with the big guys at an auction house like Sotheby's or Christie's this is your golden invitation... Grab your paddle, collect as much fake moola as you can and enjoy the theatrical endeavor that is the creative whirlwind Beneath the Gavel." - Bonnie Goldberg, The Middletown Press