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Beverly Johnson: IN VOGUE

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Produced by:
ACT II Playhouse in association with Bud Martin
January 09 - January 28, 2024
Run Time:
1 Hour, 30 Minutes
Yes, included in run time.
Showing in Theater
$44-$64 (incl. a $4 fee) | 59E59 Members: $30-$50

Show Info

Written by Beverly Johnson and Josh Ravetch
Directed by Josh Ravetch

Exactly fifty years ago, Beverly Johnson made history as the first Black woman to appear on the cover of American Vogue. The iconic supermodel has graced more than 500 magazine covers and worked in theater and TV while mingling with some of the biggest stars of the last fifty years from Elizabeth Taylor to the great Ella Fitzgerald. 

IN VOGUE takes us on a journey through her super-modeling career, her unimaginable tumultuous relationships, the truth about Bill Cosby, and her involvement in the #MeToo movement. Like Johnson herself, this show is funny, fearless, and unapologetic while illustrating how she bucked trends and broke through barriers, blazing a trail that continues to burn brightly today. In this intimate “live-autobiography” Johnson takes the stage to share her personal dispatches in the ever-shifting but never dull fashion and entertainment industries which all began just blocks from 59E59 Theaters.

Photo by Fadil Berisha

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ACT II Playhouse

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