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The City Stories Company, in association with Goodge and Mortimor Productions, Room One and Oxford Playhouse
May 10 - May 29, 2016
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Tales of Love and Magic in London
Written and Directed by James Phillips
With Original Music Composed and Performed by Rosabella Gregory 

Design by David Farley

City Stories is a collection of six stories that are performed in rotating rep throughout the run. Each performance will feature four of the following:

With Sarah Quintrell and Tom Gordon

The Great Secret
With Louisa Clein, Sarah Quintrell and Tom Gordon

With Daphne Alexander, Sarah Quintrell and Tom Gordon

With Matthew Flynn and Daphne Alexander

With Matthew Flynn and Phoebe Sparrow

With Alan Cox and Louisa Clein

What happens when someone tells you that you're the answer to the riddle of life?
What happens when a stranger in Starbucks gives you something that will change your world forever?
What happens if the world starts to fall asleep, hour by hour?

A haunting journey fusing drama and live music, City Stories is a new type of Cabaret Drama, a sequence of interwoven love stories and a love letter to London.

Written and directed by award-winning playwright James Phillips (The Rubenstein Kiss, McQueen) and with original music composed by singer-songwriter Rosabella Gregory (winner of New York Songwriter's Circle Song Contest), City Stories is a magical journey through a magical city.

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Photo Caption: Tom Gordon in CITY STORIES
Photo: James Phillips
Photo Caption: Phoebe Sparrow in CITY STORIES
Photo: James Phillips
Photo Caption: Rosabella Gregory
Photo: James Phillips
Photo Caption: Alan Cox in CITY STORIES
Photo: James Phillips
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"With the scintillating score and eloquent prose, City Stories is worth experiencing no matter where you call home." - StageBuddy

"Exquisitely written and performed." - A Seat on the Aisle

"Positively enchanting." - NY Theatre Review