Don't You F**king Say a Word

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Produced by:
Andy Bragen Theatre Projects and Rachel Sussman
November 04 - December 04, 2016
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By Andy Bragen
Directed by Lee Sunday Evans
with Michael Braun, Jennifer Lim, Bhavesh Patel, and Jeanine Serralles

Don't You F**king Say a Word
is a play about love and hate, about friendly and not so friendly competition. Tennis is just tennis... until it isn't.
Kate and Leslie explore the complexities of their boyfriends' competitive spirits in this comic new drama. Russ has a temper. Brian has been known to cheat. As their weekly tennis sets play out aggressively on stage, Kate and Leslie dissect their friendship and rivalry in a volley of sharp observation and wry wit.

Producing Company

Andy Bragen Theatre Projects

A NYC-based writer-centered theatre company that produces formally ambitious, highly theatrical plays

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"This clever play by Andy Bragen features meticulous direction by Lee Sunday Evans and has a fantastic cast of four. It is a very entertaining yet thought-provoking piece about a tennis rivalry and how seriously players approach the game…'Don't You F**cking Say a Word' is an intriguing comedy about the games people play…The cast deliver the well-crafted, fast-paced dialogue seamlessly - Broadway World

In this fast-paced, fun production, all four actors deliver performances of richness and humor." - Culture Catch

“Playwright Andy Bragen delivers a dexterous and controlled piece of writing…As the nuance of the match comes into view, so does the richness and emotional complexity of the relationships…These frivolous idiosyncrasies of the amateur athlete are elevated by the play, and in particular by Lee Sunday Evans’ elegant stagecraft as she renders the astonishing speed and agility of tennis in rich, arresting theatrical detail." - Theatre is Easy