East to Edinburgh 2019

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Produced by:
59E59 Theaters
July 09 - July 28, 2019
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$15 (Members $12)

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A unique showcase of 13 New York shows headed to Scotland for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (the largest arts festival in the world).

East to Edinburgh was created as a way to help shows get on their feet so companies experience the same production constraints that all shows experience during the Fringe, while giving companies a clean, comfortable, and nurturing space to fine-tune their productions. This year's whirlwind festival features thirteen adventurous productions from around New York and across the US.

The 2019 EAST TO EDINBURGH line up is:
(click on the titles for more information and a performance calendar)

July 9 – 11
I’m Coming
Written and performed by Molly Brenner

July 9, 11, & 12
Written and performed by Alex Highsmith, Amanda Lea Mason, and Eryn Siobhan O'Sullivan

July 10, 14, & 21
The Presented
Written and performed by Chris Davis

July 12, 20, 21, 23, 24, & 27
Hello, Daddy!
Written and performed by Sam Morrison

July 13 & 14
I Am
Written and directed by Stacy Lynn Gould
Music and lyrics by Lauren Hendon

July 13, 20, & 26
I’m Just Kidneying
Written and performed by Amanda Nicastro

July 13, 20, & 28
Madame Komondor Will See You Now
Written and performed by Krista Komondor

July 13, 18, & 27
By Allie Jessing

July 16, 17, 27, & 28
Written and performed by Daniel Amedee and Conor Kelly O’Brien

July 16, 19, & 24
Agatha is Missing!
Written and performed by Prudence Wright Holmes

July 17 – 21
Voice of Authority
Written and performed by Dean Temple

July 23 & 25
Hitler’s Tasters
By Michelle Kholos Brooks

July 25 – 27
Monica: This Play is Not About Monica Lewinsky
By Dianne Nora