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Produced by:
Bucket Club in Association with Farnham Maltings
April 25 - May 14, 2017
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By Bucket Club
Directed by Nel Crouch

With Adam Farrell, Luke Murphy, and Helen Vinten

Vanessa's life is science. Fact based, evidence led, no nonsense, no monsters. But when a photograph surfaces showing something in Loch Ness, she must embark on a very personal research project. The multi award-winning company Bucket Club create a "magical, melancholy world" (The List) featuring an extinct fish, a missing father, and breath-taking live electronic sound.

Photo Caption: Adam Farrell, Luke Murphy, and Helen Vinten in FOSSILS
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Adam Farrell and Luke Murphy in FOSSILS
Photo Caption: Adam Farrell, Helen Vinten, and Luke Murphy in FOSSILS
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Luke Murphy, Adam Farrell, and Helen Vinten in FOSSILS
Photo: Carol Rosegg
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Producing Company

Bucket Club

Bucket Club are an associate company at Farnham Maltings, and the first recipients of the Farnham Maltings Fellowship. They make work that is playful, uses live music in innovative ways and explores how stories are told. Their first show, Lorraine & Alan, won the Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence and a Musical Theatre Network Award for Innovation at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe. Other shows include The Beasts, an outdoor show for families, and Launch Party, a play for village halls. They bring Fossils to New York following a run at the Edinburgh Fringe, where it was shortlisted for the Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence.

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Fanham Maltings

Farnham Maltings is a cultural organisation, based in south west Surrey, that exists to encourage the people of Farnham and further afield to participate in, shape and understand the world in which we live. They believe that by being actively creative, connecting with others and articulating new ideas they will foster a happier, healthier and more inclusive set of communities.

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"Inventive...with a wonderfully weird score" - The New York Times

★★★★ "Wonderfully entertaining, intellectually stimulating, brilliantly executed, theatrically ground-breaking, and as multi-layered as a geological excavation." - A Seat On The Aisle

★★★★ - The Scotsman

★★★★ - The List

★★★★ - Fest