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Produced by:
The Crook Theater Company
October 12 - November 04, 2018
Run Time:
1 Hour, 45 Minutes
Showing in Theater
$25 (Members $20)

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By J.C. Ernst
Directed by Melissa Firlit

With Raife Baker, Dustin Charles, Alex Morf, and Amanda Sykes

Marla comes to in a barn upstate to find herself standing over a freshly murdered corpse with the smoking gun in her hand. 

Can she trust Spencer, the beaten and bound man cowering in the corner, to jog her memories of the events that brought them all here? What heinous acts could she be capable of? Goodbody is an ultra-violent, profane fantasia of hilarious and shocking proportions. 

Photo Caption: Alex Morf and Amanda Sykes
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Amanda Sykes and Raife Baker
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Raife Baker and Alex Morf
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Raife Baker, Amanda Sykes, Dustin Charles, and Alex Morf
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Dustin Charles, Raife Baker, Amanda Sykes, and Alex Morf
Photo: Carol Rosegg
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Producing Company

The Crook Theater Company

Conceived by migrant theater artists in New York, The Crook is a company committed to transition and transformation. The Crook seeks to identify and foster new artists and shepherd their emergence as the new generation of theater in New York. The Crook has devoted itself to producing work that is challenging, provocative, inspiring, and entertaining by ushering these artists through their journey. The Crook provides a forum for fresh artistic voices and ensures that our theater community remains vibrant and relevant.

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"Goodbody gets the macabre humor just right."
"J.C. Ernst has a way with dialog that mostly keeps the edgy gangster sara within the realm of its gallows humor origins." - Talkin' Broadway

"A satire of the old fashioned gangster movie."
"It is quite successful." - CurtainUp

"With its deftly crafted humor amid literally stomach-curdling violence, Goodbody successfully pays homage to the action-comedy genre with unabashed, bloody brio." - Off Off Online