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Ground UP Productions
November 27 - December 13, 2015
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By Jane Martin
Directed by West Hyler

With Diane Mair and Alex Podulke

After arriving in the City of Angels, an aimless young man catapults to movie stardom and into Hollywood's sleazy celebrity culture. Banking on his fame and name, he is selected to appear in Hamlet on Broadway. Given full casting approval, he embarks for New York City to seek out his Ophelia and encounters his muse and his match - a young evangelical Christian woman set on getting the role... and saving his soul.

H2O transports audiences into the reclusive, madcap world of Jane Martin's love story about self-destruction, notoriety, and the dark journey to purity and salvation.

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Producing Company

Ground UP Productions

Ground UP Productions creates honest, intimate theatre. They believe in telling character driven stories with heart, bringing to life  "The New Classics" - new works as well as old favorites produced in unique ways. They take pride in the aesthetic: design, attention to detail, and clever use of space. Theatre should be approachable and fun. They want their audiences to feel included, impressed, and inspired.

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"The actors are beautifully clear and often electric." - Theater Pizzazz

"Well paced, immensely focused, and physically arresting." - Woman Around Town