It Goes Without Saying

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East to Edinburgh 2013
July 12 - July 20, 2013
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Written and Performed by Bill Bowers
Developed with and Directed by Martha Banta
Sound Design by Jill DuBoff
Costume Design by Michael Growler
Original Lighting Design by Ed McCarthy

The true story of the life and mimes of Bill Bowers and his lifelong exploration of the role silence plays in all our lives. From Barbie dolls in his Montana backyard to Broadway and beyond, Bowers talks (yes, talks) about an unbelievable and joyous life lived out loud.

Photo Caption: It Goes Without Saying
Photo: Peter Bellamy
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Producing Company

Bill Bowers, in association with Lynx Ensemble Theatre

Lynx Ensemble uses theatre to explore the nature of identity, to explode stereotyping in performance and in life, and to empower artists and audiences to discover and become their fullest, freest, most empathetic selves.

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