LaBute New Theater Festival

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Produced by:
St. Louis' Actors Studio
January 13 - February 07, 2016
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Plays by John Doble, Peter Grandbois and Nancy Bell, GD Kimble, Neil LaBute, JJ Strong and Lexi Wolfe
Directed by Milton Zoth and John Pierson

St. Louis's acclaimed LaBute New Theater Festival makes its New York debut with a stellar lineup featuring an evening of 6 one-act plays, including work by Tony-nominated playwright and screenwriter Neil LaBute. Selected from among more than 400 annual entries, the renowned Festival showcases entertaining and adventurous short works by some of the most talented emerging writers from around the world.

Stand Up For Oneself
by Lexi Wolfe 

Present Tense 
by Nancy Bell and Peter Grandbois 

Two Irishmen are Digging a Ditch 
by GD Kimble 

The Comeback Special 
by JJ Strong 

Coffee House, Greenwich Village 
by John Doble 

by Neil LaBute 

Photo Caption: Mark Ryan Anderson and Alice Smith STAND UP FOR ONESELF
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Justin Ivan Brown and Jenny Smith in PRESENT TENSE
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Alicia Smith, Neil Magnuson and Michael Hogan in THE COMEBACK SPECIAL
Photo Caption: Justin Ivan Brown and Jenny Smith in COFFEE HOUSE, GREENWICH VILLAGE
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Mary Ryan Anderson in TWO IRISH MEN DIGGING IN A DITCH
Photo Caption: Michael Hogan in KANDAHAR
Photo: Carol Rosegg
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Producing Company

St. Louis Actors' Studio

St. Louis Actors' Studio was founded to bring a fresh vision to theatre in St. Louis. Housed in The Gaslight Theater in historic Gaslight Square, STLAS is committed to bringing engaging theatrical experiences to our community of actors, writers, producers, filmmakers and all patrons of the arts; and to provide a strong ensemble environment to foster learning and artistic expression.
St. Louis Actors' Studio, through the use of ensemble work, will explore the endless facets and various themes of the human condition by producing existing and original collaborative theatre.

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"The works tie in beautifully, moving from lighthearted, comedic fun to the darker elements of human nature...The LaBute New Theater Festival is well worth the evening out taking you to the highs of comedy and the depths of troublesome issues that stare at us through the looks of returning soldiers of the Iraq and Afghan wars." - BlogsCritics

"With superb direction by Milton Zoth and John Pierson, they have an intriguing variety of themes. Touching, humorous, at times shocking and even disturbing, each play has it's own original tenor. Bravo to the playwrights who are bringing new perspectives to the American stage." - Broadway World

"An exciting evening of new short plays that range from successfully thought-provoking to works in progress that are ready for the next step. An evening of new work that has Neil LaBute’s name boldly attached to the title holds exciting potential...The crown jewel of the night, Neil LaBute’s Kandahar, ends the evening..." - Theatre is Easy