Linda Marlowe in Berkoff's Women/No Fear

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June 08 - July 04, 2004
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Out of her unique association with Steven Berkoff, Linda Marlowe presents BERKOFF'S WOMEN, her highly acclaimed theatrical exploration of sensuality, revenge, pathos, heart-breaking loneliness an riotous humor. Having worked with Berkoff for over twenty years, this is a compliation of some of the most rewarding moments of Berkoff's female roles, featuring excerpts from DECADENCE, GREEK, KVETCH, EAST, AGAMEMMON, STURM UND DRANG and a newly dramatized story, FROM POINT OF VIEW.
On the eve of her one hundredth birthday, the world's oldest wire-walker looks back at her many careers as daring divorcee, raunchy rock-chick, undercover operator, Amazonian adventurer, manic mother and professional free spirit. Based entirely on real events in Linda Marlowe's own extraordinary life, NO FEAR! was one of Britain's most outstanding actresses, Ms. Marlowe is only now making her US and New York debuts in BRITS OFF BROADWAY 2004. Fortunately, she has decided to perform both of her very different shows in repertoire to allow everyone the opportunity to see her twice!