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January 24 - March 03, 2012
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By: Kate Fodor 
Directed by: Ethan McSweeny 
With: Michael Bakkensen, MaryLouise Burke, Marin Hinkle, Stephen Kunken, Paul Niebanck, and Elizabeth Rich

Romance in the age of prescription drugs...

Meena Pierotti's job is making her unhappy. Luckily, there's a pill for that. 

Well, not yet. But Meena has joined the clinical trial for a new drug targeting workplace depression. The trial gets messy, however, when she falls in love with her doctor, who himself is trying to enroll into a drug trial targeting heartbreak.

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Photo Caption: Rx
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"A snappy new comedy by Kate Fodor!" - Associated Press 

"Sprightly, engaging comedy!" - The New York Times, Critics' Pick 

"As a romance, Rx is a terrific farce. As a farce, it's warmly romantic!"- Bloomberg News 

"An effective prescription from Primary Stages!" - Backstage, Critics' Pick