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Produced by:
New Vintage Ensemble
July 16 - July 28, 2019
Run Time:
0 Hour, 50 Minutes
Showing in Theater
$15 (Members $12)

Show Info

Written and performed by Daniel Amedee and Conor Kelly O’Brien

A hybrid theater/live concert production that tells the story of a son using music as a means to cope with losing his father to dementia.

Producing Company

New Vintage Ensemble

New Vintage Ensemble, founded in 2013, is a collective of actors from Northeastern Pennsylvania dedicated to producing innovative and interactive theater while helping the arts community of the Scranton region thrive.
Their distinctive style and passion for engaging audiences has resulted in award-winning and internationally-recognized productions, as well as regional premieres of original works. New Vintage Ensemble has had original works presented at Cincinnati Fringe, Ithaca Fringe, multiple shows in the Scranton Fringe Festival, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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