The Berlin Diaries

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Produced by:
The Pool Plays are presented in association with The New Group
October 08 - October 28, 2023
Run Time:
1 Hour, 30 Minutes
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$25 (59E59 Members $20)

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Part of The Pool Plays 3.0: Three playwrights. Three plays. One remarkable experience. 

The Berlin Diaries
By Andrea Stolowitz 
Directed by Will Steinberger

The great-grandfather of Oregon Book Award-winning playwright Andrea Stolowitz kept a journal for his descendants after escaping to New York City in 1939 as a German Jew. Following the complicated lure of genealogy, Stolowitz goes back to Berlin to bring the story of her unknown ancestors out of the archives into the light. The record keeps as many secrets as it shares; how do people become verschollen, lost, like library books?

In this complex, contemporary drama about the search for home, fragmented heritage, and Jewish diaspora, two performers scintillate between characters and locations at the border of reality and memory and the intersection of national history and private lives.

Producing Company

The Pool Plays 3.0

We’re creating a sustainable model of artist-led theater production that breaks down the current processes and puts playwrights at the helm – in support of one another and making way for diverse storytellers of tomorrow.  Each cohort of The Pool produces three plays in rep; the playwrights are empowered to take matters into their own hands as they lead the production of their original work – from the page to the stage.

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The New Group

The New Group (Scott Elliott, Founding Artistic Director; Adam Bernstein, Executive Director) is an award-winning, artist-driven company with a commitment to developing and producing powerful, contemporary theatre. While constantly evolving, we strive to maintain an ensemble approach to all our work and an articulated style of emotional immediacy in our acting and productions. In this way, we seek a theatre that is adventurous, stimulating and most importantly “now,” a true forum for the present culture. We have received nearly 150 awards and nominations for excellence. In addition to live mainstage productions, the organization’s Off Stage division develops and presents theatrical expressions in different media; the New Group/New Works play and musical development program champions original works by emerging and established authors; and a range of programs from teen acting ensembles to college access programs, and a college-level acting studio in collaboration with LIU-Brooklyn, support ongoing performing arts education.

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