The Bleeding Class

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Produced by:
Undiscovered Works with Executive Producers Ruth & William Isenberg and Leah S. Abrams
August 10 - September 01, 2024
Run Time:
1 Hour, 30 Minutes
Showing in Theater
$32 (incl. a $2 fee) | 59E59 Members: $25

Show Info

By Chisa Hutchinson
Directed by Cezar Williams

With Reginald L. Barnes, Jackson Hayes, Tamar Lopez, Vincent Szutenbach, Tatiyana Alvarez, Txai Frota, and Lambert Tamin

When a mysterious plague throws society into chaos, it results in an unlikely alliance between the reserved Dr. Pennington and a strong-willed escort named Sugar, whose immune system may hold the key to saving the world. 
Sugar and Dr. Pennington trade personal barbs and professional observations as they race to find a cure, but there’s something more important than human life at stake – money.

Funny and fast-paced, The Bleeding Class combines science fiction, thriller, and camp to ask: What would you do, and who would you be, if everything was on the line?

Undiscovered Works is honored to produce The Bleeding Class as part of 59E59’s AMPLIFY Festival: celebrating the work of Chisa Hutchinson. See all three plays for only $115! Discount will be automatically applied when you add tickets to your cart.



In an effort to care for our community, we’re sharing details about this production that may be sensitive for members of our audience. The following information may reveal plot points.

Contains strong language, racial slurs, and simulated gun violence.

Ayla Rosen,
Associate Producer
Tara Higgins,
Scenic Design/Technical Director
Jett Adams,
Properties Design
Gaby Liriano,
Lighting Design
Scott Fetterman,
Projections Design
Caroline Eng,
Sound Design
Stephanie Echevarria,
Costume Design
Tahra Veasley,
Stage Manager
Hannah Ciesil,
Assistant Stage Manager

Producing Company

Undiscovered Works

Undiscovered Works is dedicated to celebrating and building community through storytelling of all kinds, offering a voice to anyone with a story to tell and a launching pad for new and lesser-known talent bringing vital contributions to our audiences. Believing that storytelling inspires action and change in the world, our productions both entertain and inspire dialogue that engages meaningfully with the social issues of our times.

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