The Darling Core

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East to Edinburgh 2017
July 11 - July 16, 2017
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Written and performed by Conor Anthony O'Brien and Simone DanielĀ 
Directed by Daniel HolmeĀ 

An original dark comedy about the original dark couple. The Darling Core (comprised of Adam & Lilith) is a somewhat modern vaudeville duo, struggling to remain interesting to the world and each other. Adam and Lilith have been together for (quite possibly) eternity, trudging from stage to stage trying to be heard by anyone who will listen. The play pulls back the curtain on these performers to reveal the passionate and terrible people they can be. Following yet another series of dismal performances, Adam and Lilith face each other for control of their art, their futures and their own voices. Their story reveals their clandestine roles in major world events, dark love affairs and terribly bad vaudeville bits. Inspired loosely by co-creator/co-star Conor O'Brien's ancestor, famed vaudeville star Tony Hart (of "Harrigan & Hart") and the concepts of history repeating itself.