The Memory Exam

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Produced by:
Oberon Theatre Ensemble
September 03 - September 25, 2022
Run Time:
1 Hour, 20 Minutes
Showing in Theater
$25 (59E59 Member price: $20)

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By Steven Fechter
Directed by Terrence O'Brien

Set in a future world when the simple act of forgetting can be fatal, vigilante laws turn neighbors, friends, and colleagues into spies and informants. 

Three people in their autumn years covertly hire an expert who can coach them for the perilous Memory Exam. Failure is almost all but certain — but the coach has devised a method that depends on how well they can recall the specifics of their most enduring memory no matter how factual or fantastic.

THE MEMORY EXAM is a play about courage, survival, and the fear of losing your future because you’re forgetting the past.

Producing Company

Oberon Theatre Ensemble

Oberon Theatre Ensemble’s mission is to cultivate and invigorate a diverse theater community through the production of original, contemporary, and classic works.

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