The Morini Strad

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Primary Stages
March 20 - April 28, 2012
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By: Willy Holtzman 
Directed by: Casey Childs 
With: Michael Laurence, Mary Beath Peil and Hanah Stuart

Inspired by the true New York story of concert violinist Erica Morini and her legendary Stradivarius violin, The Morini Strad is a delicate duet between Erica, a difficult and former child prodigy, and Brian, a stubbornly independent violin maker she hires to restore and then sell her beloved Strad. 

As Brian makes the arrangements, the question of what will become of the priceless instrument threatens to destroy their unexpected friendship. Through classical music and fiery confrontations, Brian and Erica must face the choices they've made about their music and their lives.

Photo Caption: The Morini Strad
Photo: James Leynse
Photo Caption: The Morini Strad
Photo: James Leynse
Photo Caption: The Morini Strad
Photo: James Leynse
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"Sparkles like a diamond chip! Primary Stages shows how it's done in Casey Childs' artful helming of this play by Willy Holtzman! Michael Lawrence is magnetic!" - Variety 

"Played with great force and flair by Mary Beth Peil!" - Associated Press

"Soaring string playing by Hanah Stuart!" - Time Out

"Finely tuned 'Strad' hits all the right notes! True craftmanship at work. Expertly written and performed, elegnatly staged!" - New York Post

"A note perfect premiere by Primary Stages!" - Theatermania