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The Rosenberg/Strange Fruit Project

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Produced by:
Twilight Theatre Company
July 10 - August 04, 2024
Run Time:
1 Hour, 20 Minutes
Showing in Theater
$44 (incl. a $4 fee) | 59E59 Members: $30

Show Info

Written and performed by John Jiler
Live Music by Sweet Lee Odom
Directed by Margarett Perry

Most know of the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg case, but few know the story of their youngest child, Robert, orphaned at six following his parents' execution for espionage and adopted by Abel Meeropol who wrote the song “Strange Fruit” seared into America’s consciousness by Billie Holiday. 

Written and performed by award-winning actor/playwright John Jiler, The Rosenberg/Strange Fruit Project plumbs America’s character and history both sweet and sour, through the telling of Robert’s remarkable story. Accompanied by clarinetist Sweet Lee Odom, Jiler weaves together strands of American history, political movements, Klezmer, and jazz.


In an effort to care for our community, we’re sharing details about this production that may be sensitive for members of our audience. The following information may reveal plot points.

Contains strong language, violence, and discussion of execution.

Sweet Lee
Tyler M. Perry,
Lighting Design
David L. Arsenault,
Scenic Design
Natalie Tell,
Associate Director

Producing Company

Twilight Theatre Company

Twilight Theatre Company's mission is to develop, workshop, and produce new work by theatre artists and to tell stories that deepen our awareness, encourage compassion and ignite conversation.

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★★★★★ "Remarkable and eloquent" – British Theatre Guide

★★★★ "Captivating and remarkable. Clarinetist Lee Odom accompanies the action beautifully and sensitively." – One4Review

"A gem!" – BroadwayWorld

"Jiler's fertile imagination and compelling, probing script brought me shivers. The evening is underpinned by the gorgeous live clarinet performance of Lee Odom, which makes clear emotional connections between Eastern European Klezmer music and American jazz." – American Theatre Magazine

"It becomes clear that Jiler did not become interested in this story because something extraordinary happened in 1953, but because the story continues to resonate, and the political cycles that were in play in 1953 continue to repeat." – NJ Arts

"The Rosenberg/Strange Fruit Project serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle for justice and equality, highlighting the powerful influence of the Meeropol family on American history." – The Edinburgh Reporter

"An imaginative tour-de-force that must be experienced." – Out in Jersey

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