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Libra Theatre Company
August 18 - September 04, 2016
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By Toni Press-Coffman
Directed by Nathaniel Shaw

with Emily Batsford, Amadeo Fusca, Katrina Lenk, and Pete McElligott

A poignant and gripping play about the nature of love, loss, and humanity's overwhelming desire for a moment of connection by award-winning writer Toni Press-Coffman.
During a chance meeting in a high school physics class, astronomer Kyle Kalke meets and falls in love with vivacious, flamboyant, and open-hearted Zoe. When a random act of violence rips her from him six years later, Kyle's life is sent into turmoil. Told through a shifting collection of memories, Touch follows one man's journey as he questions whether there is any point to rediscovering hope and moving past grief to find a human connection that will allow him to love again.

Photo Caption: Pete McElligott in TOUCH
Photo: Nikhil Saboo
Photo Caption: Pete McElligott and Katrina Lenk in TOUCH
Photo: Nikhil Saboo
Photo Caption: Amadeo Fusca and Emily Batsford in TOUCH
Photo: Nikhil Saboo
Photo Caption: Pete McElligott and Katrina Lenk in TOUCH
Photo: Nikhil Saboo
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Producing Company

Libra Theatre Company

Libra Theater Company believes that all artists, in order to truly succeed, must maintain a balance between art and everyday responsibility. Their mission is to create quality New York theater that honors the commitments of our artists.

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Touch is an affecting play wonderfully staged with superb acting…Touch tells a very personal story of abiding love, the deep pain of loss, and the potential for healing after a tragedy. It is a completely enthralling show. The four-person cast is exceptional in their roles as they capture raw emotions and often unsettling moments…Touch is a show like you've never seen before. The distinctive characters and emotionally charged plot make it unforgettable." - Broadway World

"Nostalgia and grief spill from each expertly crafted line...The dialogue is fresh, raw, ragged, and at times troubling...The entire company has produced a beautiful tragedy about a violence whose effects are felt universally. The actors all deliver a thrilling (sometimes frightening) range of emotions that fill the small Theater C of 59E59" - Plays to See

"Director Nathaniel Shaw has done a splendid job with both staging and characterization…Pacing, paramount in this piece, is marvelous…The nuance and depth of Pete McElligot’s performance is riveting" - Woman Around Town

"The splendid cast includes Pete McElligott (Kyle), who carries the play for the first half, and whose subtle, nuanced, always interesting performance is prize-worthy...The excellent director is Nathaniel Shaw...The playwright has expertly crafted a work using astronomy to both define the protagonist’s life and help him cope with death by lifting him above the terrestrial here and now." - Theater Pizzazz