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Adjusted Realists
November 19 - December 05, 2015
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By Stephen Kaliski
Directed by Stephen Kaliski and Amanda Holston

With Shawna Cormier*, Maggie Low*, Jeremiah Maestas*, Roger Manix, and Josh Tobin*

Stephen Kaliski's jubilantly foul, gently futuristic Gluten! follows newlyweds Copious Fairchild and Hibiscus Van der Waal as they do everything they can to conceive a child. They move into a new abode. They see the best doctors. They even try sex the new way, but to no avail!

When Copious' estranged mother pays a visit with a radically new-age proposition, the couple is forced to confront all the demonic glutens they've tried so hard to eliminate.

Following up on their critically acclaimed revival of Nicky Silver's Pterodactyls, The Adjusted Realists deliver a crackling new comedy about the latest threat to an America desperate for spiritual (and digestive) freedom.

Photo Caption: Shawna Cormier, Jeremiah Maestas, Maggie Low, and Roger Manix in GLUTEN!
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Maggie Low and Roger Manix in GLUTEN!
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Shawna Cormier in GLUTEN!
Photo: Carol Rosegg
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Producing Company

Adjusted Realists

Adjusted Realists tells theatrical stories about slightly unhinged worlds. Its first production was the acclaimed revival of Nicky Silver’s Pterodactyls. Other productions include the world premiere of Stephen Kaliski’s Gluten! at 59E59 Theaters (NYIT Award winner) and Chickens in the Yard at JACK. The collective was founded in 2014 and includes Stephen Kaliski, Roger Manix, Eric Vigdorov, Maggie Low, Jeremiah Maestas, Matt Mastromatteo, and Rachel McPhee.

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"Kaliski’s satire is successful in reminding audiences of what we lose when we protect ourselves from all ailments" - Theatre is Easy

"The play’s startling, darkly hopeful ending makes a timely and touching point." - Ethan Kanfer