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Produced by:
Don, Pat & Tom
July 09 - July 12, 2019
Run Time:
0 Hour, 50 Minutes
Showing in Theater
$15 (Members $12)

Show Info

Written and performed by Alex Highsmith, Amanda Lea Mason*, and Eryn Siobhan O'Sullivan
Directed by Elizabeth May

In Outside Time, there is no death – only leaving. Chrysanthemums are sentient beings and the words of Walt Whitman guide an unlikely trio to face their myths. A new play with music, puppetry and a bit of magic.

Producing Company

Don, Pat & Tom

leaves is the first play co-written by NYC based Don, Pat & Tom (DPT). They met in 2007 at Boston University, and realized they were jointly interested in exploring the mundane with the magical.  DPT uses song, improvisation, and sensory exploration, (fueled by popcorn and seltzer water) to create stories that walk the line between the human and mystical world.