Madame Komondor Will See You Now

Archived Show


Produced by:
Krista Komondor
July 13 - July 28, 2019
Run Time:
0 Hour, 50 Minutes
Showing in Theater
$15 (Members $12)

Show Info

Written and performed by Krista Komondor
Directed by Ed Malone

Treat yourself to a one-night stand with Love and Men’s Health SEXpert Madame Komondor! Get your mind into gutter as this lovechild of Dr. Ruth and Lenny Bruce whips you into hysterics and leaves you begging for more.

Producing Company

Krista Komondor

Krista Komondor is a comedian, playwright, and recovering nurse practitioner. Her work has been described as “mischievous, playful and dark.” She has been on the microphone over 600 times, and has performed in the US, UK, and France. Her improvisational background includes work with the Magnet Theater and the Upright Citizens Brigade. Krista began documenting her journey from mousy healthcare provider to ballsy performer in 2015.  She is currently translating this show into French, and has plans to perform it in Paris in 2020. 

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