Missed Connections

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Produced by:
Alex Gruhin
May 01 - May 20, 2021
Run Time:
1 Hour, 10 Minutes

Show Info

Co-Presented by 59E59 Theaters, A Red Orchid Theatre, Oddly Correct Coffee, and Wesley Stace's Cabinet of Wonders.

A New Play with Magic, Performed by Jon Tai
Co-Written by Jon Tai and Alex Gruhin
Directed and Produced by Alex Gruhin

59E59 Theaters, Chicago’s A Red Orchid Theatre, Kansas City’s Oddly Correct Coffee and Wesley Stace’s Cabinet of Wonders will co-present the virtual off-Broadway transfer of MISSED CONNECTIONS– a live, intimate and interactive play with magic, conceived for virtual experience.

MISSED CONNECTIONS is not a passive viewing experience, a livestream or a virtual magic show. It  is a totally unique theatrical event, designed for a new performing arts media landscape, enabled by and co-created with its audience on a performance-by-performance basis.” - Kirsten Fitzgerald, Artistic Director of Chicago's MacArthur and multi-Jeff Award Winning A Red Orchid Theatre.

MISSED CONNECTIONS is a magician’s cosmic love story, inspired by the work of writer Haruki Murakami, philosopher Marshall McLuhan and magician Derek DelGaudio (IN & OF ITSELF). The play, which explores the fleeting, unspoken bonds that can emerge between total strangers, takes 20 audience members on a search for the invisible thread that connects them all. Chris Jones writes in his rave review in the Chicago Tribune that “our random, unfair and pandemoniac world dissolves” in MISSED CONNECTIONS, “healed by connective tissue that you just have been too unobservant to perceive.” Take a leap and be a part of its pioneering mission across the universe. 

Please note that availability is limited! There are only 20 tickets available for admission, per performance. Only one ticket is required per household.
We recommend MISSED CONNECTIONS for ages 13+

How it works

  • All ticket holders will be emailed a link to access the performance 24 hours in advance of your scheduled event.
  • MISSED CONNECTIONS is performed on ZOOM. Click here to download and install Zoom Desktop Client. If you already have the Zoom Desktop Client installed, make sure it’s updated to version 5.2.2 or later.
  • Each ticket allows for viewing on one device, so audience members can choose to join the show solo or to share the experience with company. Jon and audience members will see, hear, and interact with one another in real-time during the performance.
  • You will need a desktop or laptop computer to participate in the performance. Mobile phones and tablets are not supported. We recommend using a wired ethernet connection or sitting as close to your wireless router as possible. You will also need a working webcam and microphone, as the show is a live, interactive experience and Jon will be chatting with all audience members throughout the evening.
  • Ticket buyers will also receive a package that includes one complimentary bag of themed Oddly Correct Coffee and a special surprise from Wesley Stace, shipped to the ticket buyer's home.  This is subject to availability and distribution is at the sole discretion of management. The package may arrive to a ticket buyer’s home following their scheduled performance accordingly. We are unable to ship the coffee package to international participants and will send an alternative item in its place, the contents of which are also at the discretion of management.

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