Police Cops In Space

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Produced by:
The Pretend Men and New Diorama Theatre
June 12 - July 01, 2018
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By The Pretend Men

With Zachary Hunt, Nathan Parkinson, and Tom Roe

The three-man multi-award-winning comedy company, The Pretend Men, bring their super-charged inventive physical storytelling to America for the first time.

After his father is killed by an evil robot, Sammy Johnson is the last Police Cop in the universe. On a distant planet, Sammy must team up with an alien fighter pilot and his trusty cyborg to embark on an intergalactic adventure to become the best damn Police Cop in space.

Photo Caption: Zachary Hunt and Nathan Parkinson
Photo: Adam Bottomley
Photo Caption: Zachary Hunt, Nathan Parkinson, and Tom Roe
Photo Caption: Zachary Hunt
Photo Caption: Zachary Hunt, Nathan Parkinson, and Tom Roe
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Producing Company

The Pretend Men

The Pretend Men are Nathan Parkinson, Zachary Hunt and Tom Roe; a three man multi award-winning, globally acclaimed comedy company based in London. 

With a shared vision of creating highly physical, highly entertaining and even highlyer clever comedy theatre, in 2014 The Pretend Men were born.

The Pretend Men’s two shows Police Cops and Police Cops in Space have taken the world by storm; they have won an multitude of awards, garnered critical acclaim across the globe and have enjoyed total sell out runs at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2016 & 2017) and on London’s West End at Soho Theatre.

The Pretend Men create highly playful performances which combine inventive physical storytelling with their own brand of comedic text. Parody and satire are centred at the heart of their productions, where they integrate with dynamic stagecraft, supercharged physical theatre and cinematic style. Imaginative concepts, exhilarating texts and musical flare, The Pretend Men create vibrant pieces of theatre that leave a lasting impression on their audiences.

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New Diorama Theatre

New Diorama Theatre is an 80 seat theatre based just off Regent’s Park in the heart of central London. Unique for their development and support of early and mid-career theatre companies and ensembles. In the eight years since they opened they have welcomed over 150,000 audience members to productions by the best theatre companies making work in the UK today. Soon after opening, New Diorama was recognised as a “must visit destination for London theatre-goers” (Time Out) and awarded two consecutive prestigious Peter Brook Awards for the first two years of their programming. In 2018 they were delighted to be awarded the main Peter Brook Empty Space Award, and were named Fringe Theatre of The Year 2017/19 at The Stage Awards. Productions created for and with New Diorama Theatre have transferred to festivals, and countless venues around the country and internationally. As well as supporting and developing high-quality theatre, New Diorama Theatre works extensively with their local community, creating projects, workshops and productions as well as ensuring the theatre space is somewhere our neighbours can come and be creative themselves.

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"Police Cops is the comedic mirror America needs right now" - Diandra Reviews It all

"I laughed so hard it hurt in the back of my neck" - NY Theater Buying Guide

"It's not just funny, it's exhilarating" - The Guardian

"Farce at its most intelligent" - GQ Magazine