The Good Girl

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Produced by:
Joyseekers Theatre
February 11 - February 28, 2016
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By Emilie Collyer
Directed by Adam Fitzgerald

Anjali works her routine government-issued job as a madam to a sexbot, when maintenance man Ven arrives to find the robot exhibiting unusual - and illegal - human-like behavior. The pair strike up an uneasy partnership - she expands the robot's repertoire of behaviors and he brings in the high-paying clientele. But when the clients start asking for more, Anjali must decide just how far she is willing to go. This darkly comedic sci-fi play examines the boundaries of consciousness and the moral grey area of exploitation.

Photo Caption: Giacomo Baessato and Leah Gabriel in THE GOOD GIRL
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Giacomo Baessato and Leah Gabriel in THE GOOD GIRL
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Giacomo Baessato and Leah Gabriel in THE GOOD GIRL
Photo: Carol Rosegg
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Producing Company

Joyseekers Theatre

Joyseekers Theatre believe great writing is at the heart of great theatre.  They bring professional productions of new international writing to NYC audiences, in addition to exploring new and rarely performed theatrical texts in reading and workshop events around the city.

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"With a script that demands engagement from its audience and limited space to convey a sense of non-linear time sequences, both Gabriel and Baessato do an outstanding job. Adam Fitzgerald earns high marks for inventive staging that effectively creates the sense of passing time in critical scenes...For the theater aficionado with an appetite for a drama that’s something short on length, intellectually challenging and flawlessly executed, The Good Girl is an ideal choice." - NY Theatre Guide

a fairly flawless and wholly compelling dramatic experience." - Stagebuddy

"Fine characterizations, cagey plot developments that sport surprising twists, and crisp, humorous dialogue...With the ironic selection of music, stark lighting effects, fine use of space, and the homely designation of set, The Good Girl will not easily leave you. Its thematic elements strike at the heart of modern culture and social behavior even to the signature song which accompanies one out the door of the theater. - Theatre Pizzazz

"Emilie Collyer’s new sci-fi play presents a provocative and complex dilemma...The chemistry between Gabriel and Baessato is fierce and electrifying...Under Adam Fitzgerald’s precise and thoughtful direction, The Good Girl challenges audiences to take a long, hard look at their moral compass." - TheatreScene