The Pull Of Negative Gravity

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Produced by:
The Mercury Theatre
May 11 - June 05, 2005
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by Jonathan Lichtenstein
directed by Gregory Thompson

with Joanne Howarth, Louise Collins, Daniel Hawksford and Lee Haven-Jones

The Mercury Theatre, Colchester production of Jonathan Lichtenstein's harrowing new play, set on a Welsh hill farm, deals with the grim realities anad fallout from the war in Iraq as a wounded son returns home to his family and fiancee. Probably the most human and potent of political plays written since the conflict began, THE PULL OF NEGATIVE GRAVITY, had Scottish and London critics at the Edinburgh Destival scrambling for superlatives, not only for the play itself, but for the outstanding original cast and the tender, perfectly balanced direction of Gregory Thompson. Written with blazing conviction an driving passion, this is an electrifying experience not to be missed.