Writopia Lab's Worldwide Plays Festival 2012

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Writopia Lab
May 15 - May 20, 2012
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Writopia is two weeks of wonderful theater written by the city’s youngest and most exciting playwrights. The three-time pulitzer prize winning playwright Edward Albee once said, “Don’t simply write what you know, write through what you know.” I think about this quote a lot at Writopia Lab. Our playwrights have experiences so varied, and their imaginations and wells of empathy so vast, that they are able to explore mature and fanciful situations in compelling and even hilarious ways. 

Writopia Lab is a safe space environment, where writers are encouraged to take on any story, character or theme that inspires them, and under the guidance of professional writers, hone their narrative over the course of several months. The plays that you are going to see first underwent the Writopia workshopping process. Next, festival participants were matched with professional directors, and worked side-by-side with them, revising works for the final stages of production. Playwrights gained real life insight into how to turn ideas into productions. But it’s not only the playwrights who have been touched by this journey; director after director have contacted us to share how moved they have been by working closely with their young playwright and experiencing art that matters. 

We are humbled by the talent, expertise, hard work and love that has gone into Writopia Lab’s 2012 Worldwide Plays Festival. Though Writopia Lab is only 5 years old, it has made an indelible mark on the New York Theatre scene, showing once again, it’s not how old you are, but how ready you are to shake things up.

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Writopia Lab

Writopia Lab, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is a national community of young writers. We offer creative writing workshops for students ages 6 to 18. Each workshop is led by a published fiction author or a well-produced playwright; enrollment is limited to six students per workshop. We provide a diverse community of young people with creative inspiration, rigorous writing instruction, and an intellectual environment that may not be available to them at school. Founded in New York City in 2007, Writopia Lab now has branches in Westchester, NY and Fairfield, CT; Washington, DC (and suburbs); and the Los Angeles region.